During wireless printer setup a person has to face lots of technical issues and errors. These issues might be because of various reasons such as network connectivity problems, incorrect IP address, static IP configuration and many others. Most of the time when users are trying to connect wireless printer they get failed in making proper settings in printer and network. At this point of time user may require assistance of experts when complete and proper resolving of issues. Here we can have a look on some common problems which almost users get with their HP printer and other brands also-

  • Connect wireless printer to laptop
  • Connect printer to WIFI router
  • Connect wireless printer to mac
  • Connect HP printer to WIFI
  • Connect wireless printer to laptop windows 10
  • Connect a printer to a laptop
  • Connect HP printer to computer
  • Install a HP printer
  • Connect HP printer to network
  • HP printer is offline
  • Change a printer from offline To Online
  • Connect Wireless Printer
  • Printer Help Not Responding
  • Printer Help Drivers/Software Online
  • Add Wireless Printer
  • Add A Printer To Computer/Pc/ Mobile
  • Setup And Connect Wi-Fi Printer
  • Invalid IP address
  • Static IP address error while trying to connect printer to computer and laptop etc.
  • Unable to connect hp printer in home office.


How to connect wireless printer to windows 10-

With help of following steps we can connect a wireless printer with windows 10-
  1. Just press Windows Key + Q.
  2. Now type in "printer."
  3. Here you have to select printers & scanners.
  4. In this step please turn on the printer.
  5. Now please refer to the manual to connect Wi-Fi network. Please note that this process may vary according to manufacturer and also from printer to printer.
  6. Now just hit Add a printer or scanner.
  7. Please select the printer from the results which is given.
  8. Now click Add device.

For permanent solutions and to get rid of above described and other issues one can take assistance from our HP customer support team. As most trustworthy technical support agency we have assisted millions of users of multiple brands of printers. A printer user can get connected with our experts to get solutions and for grabbing other required information. We assist our users 24x7 with remote access and with chat support as well.


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  • Change A Printer From Offline To Online
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  • Printer Help Not Responding
  • Printer Help Drivers/Softwares Online
  • Add Wireless Printer
  • Add A Printer To Computer/Pc/ Mobile
  • Setup And Connect Wifi Printer


  • Printer is not printing
  • Not able to connect wirelessly to the computer
  • A printer connected to the network does not print
  • Getting an Access Denied message when trying to configure a printer from within an application
  • The document does not print completely
  • Error in printing from Internet Explorer
  • Print comes out garbled
  • The printer's driver is either corrupted or incorrect
  • Error in printing from an Outlook client
  • Not enough space for spooling the document
  • The print spooler might be stalled
  • Can't print to a network printer

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